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Body Brush (Bamboo & Sisal)



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Our invigorating bamboo body brush exfoliates and removes dry skin cells with natural sisal bristles for soft and smooth skin.

*Stimulating & Exfoliating improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

Dry brushing daily is a natural way to increase circulation, support a healthy metabolism, eliminate dead skin cells and help the body’s natural detoxification process.

By daily body brushing you will help to improve lymphatic draining facilitating in the removal of toxins, targeting the look of cellulite, ingrown hairs and dry skin, the pure sisal bristles improve the texture and tone of skin, for a softer, smoother feeling from head to toe.

Our skin brush is varnished, curved and made with sustainably sourced bamboo and natural sisal bristles.

Use every morning or evening before bathing.


Start at the soles of feet and dry brush the skin with long sweeping movements towards the heart, focusing on areas prone to cellulite.  Can also work the gluteal area using circular movements.





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